Originally, Transcriptics started as a company with a single focus: We would transform audio files into clean, perfectly punctuated text. We started providing professional transcription and translation services for individuals, small companies, and corporations. To do this, we used existing state-of-the-art software to clean and format the audio and combined it with newly in-house developed software tools. It was in creating those tools that we started to grow in the area of software development.

Nowadays, a little over 60% of our revenue comes from software tools, and only 35% comes from transcription/translation projects. Because of this, Transcriptics had to redefine itself as a software-development business with an interest in transcription and translation. We still manage a network of translators and transcriptionists that allow us to tackle small- and medium-size projects, but we definitely see ourselves as a company that excels in three main areas:


  • Development of online applications for small business using Javascript, AJAX, PHP, and MySQL.
  • Development of Mobile Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad using iOS.
  • Small- and medium-size transcription and/or translation projects with tight deadlines.