To successfully create transcripts from your audio files we use skilled editors, trained to journalist standard or in secondary background research. They review the final transcripts line by line, word for word against the audio to ensure validity of the data providing 100% quality assurance.

Because of the software tools we use, an hour of audio recording can be transcribed/translated in 5 hours or less.

The final, formatted transcripts are delivered electronically, either via e-mail or through our web portals.

Our rates are specially set to satisfy current market needs.

Currently, we support the following three formats:


For example, for a Spanish-to-Spanish project, we produce clear, perfectly punctuated Spanish text from an audio file in Spanish. Several native speakers of the corresponding part of the world where your audio file originates work for us to produce these transcripts.

We are comitted with the protection of the privacy and secrecy of your files. Only authorized personnel have access to the audio file you submit, and they have all signed confidentiality agreements that protect the privacy of your data.